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Game Balance: Do you have it?

According to my friend Dr. Checkmate game balance is when your actual gaming matches your desire for it.  Unfortunately my desire and actuality are way out of whack right now.  Probably due in no small part to the new job.  I’d love to be playing more and getting the games in planning actually up and running.  How about you?  Have you achieved Game Balance?

Quest for the Staff of Genesis (AD&D)
The Eerie Exploits of Ranger Company X(Risus PbP)

Stargate SG-21 (Savage Worlds)
The Omega Resistance – A Necessary Evil Campaign (Savage Worlds)

In Planning:
Vulcan Transporta Car Wars type game (PbP Risus)
TwitteRPGa D&D type game (PbP Risus)

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  1. You’re running a Stargate game? I’m jealous; I’ve considered running something like that here, but I’ve got enough going on, and I’m the only person in my group who’s seen the show anyhow. How’s it going? Are you using anything for reference or just winging setting details from memory/making stuff up?

    Comment by Oddysey | May 3, 2009

  2. I’m using the Savage Worlds conversion by Ron Fricke with some of my own modifications. I then took the Reality Blurs SW setting Rune Punk and re-wrote it as a Stargate scenario. It’s working out rather well.

    I’m using the Stargate SG1 sourcebooks and the Gateworld website for anything that my memory fails to remember.

    Comment by Vulcan Stev | May 3, 2009

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