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Announcing a Magical Contest.

ogtcoverVulcan Stev’s Database is proud to announce our first contest.  I’m looking for magical items.  Any magical item, fully described and statted out in the system of your choice or systemless.  Items will be judged on creativity, coolness, and “Wow” factor.  The winner will receive a copy of Open Game Table at my expense.

All submissions will be collected together and posted as part of the RPGBN Shared World Project with full credit going to the original author of each item.

Deadline for Submission is May 22.  Winner will be announced June 1.

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  1. Can I enter more than once?

    Knife of Peace
    The Knife of Peace has a wide three inch blade that
    appears to be made from obsidian. The handle is jade and
    has no guard. The blade is enchanted to cut through
    anything, except flesh. While the blade is short, given time,
    a persistent wielder could hack through objects thicker
    than three inches.

    Comment by Ryan Shelton | April 23, 2009

  2. @Ryan – Sure. Enter as often as you think of a really cool magical device.

    Comment by Vulcan Stev | April 23, 2009

  3. How about this one:

    The Bell of Rousing
    Description: A small bell, of Chinese or other Asian design, carved out of rose crystal. Near the rim of the bell is inscribed in Chinese characters “Death will not be cheated.” The clapper is likewise carved out of the same rose crystal.

    Power: The Bell has the ability to restore life to a person who has died, when rung near the body. But this power comes at a terrible cost: for every person resurrected by the Bell, Death will claim another life in its stead. This why it is rightly said of the bell that it “makes the dead live and the living dead.” A person may only be brought back once by the power of the Bell. A person so resurrected will hear the ringing of the Bell, rousing them as if it were an alarm stirring them from sleep.

    Legend: The Bell was kept at a monastery high up in the mountains of Nepal where its use was carefully restricted. About a hundred years ago it was stolen from the monastery, and only fleeting mention of it can be found. It was said to have brought grave misfortune to whomever possessed it, and one story has the owner separating clapper (which resembles an exquisite rose crystl pendant) from the bell. Any attempt to strike bell with anything other than the original clapper will result in a dull, dead sound, making the bell virtually worthless. Only the clapper carved from the same piece of rose crystal will cause the Bell to ring.

    Value: With clapper – 100,000; missing the clapper – 5

    Other Notes: Of course, you could simply file off the serial numbers here and make it the product of “an ancient esoteric culture,” and the convert the Chinese characters to “runes” or some such.

    Source: The Mysterious Traveler radio series, “Death is the Judge,” original airdate 06.15.57

    Comment by Hank Harwell | April 24, 2009

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