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Open Game Table: a review

 ogt-sqr-254x300My copy arrived in the mail on Monday 4-6-09.  Given all the hype I was looking forward to this.  My first impression is that it lives up to its billing.  My second impression is that it is D&D top heavy.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if D&D is your thing.

The “Open Game Table” contains ten chapters and a foreword written by Wolfgang Baur (

Chapter 1: Play Style (3 articles)
Chapter 2: Game Play (8 articles)
Chapter 3: Characters & Players (4 articles)
Chapter 4: Monsters & NPCs (3 articles)
Chapter 5: Encounters, Settings & Location (3 articles)
Chapter 6: Adventure Design (4 articles)
Chapter 7: Campaign Setting Design (4 articles)
Chapter 8: Classes, Action & Equipment (6 articles)
Chapter 9: RPG History & Commentary (7 articles)
Chapter 10: The RPG Tool Box (5 articles)

Most of these articles appeared before I really discovered the network.  So this is my first exposure to a lot of this writing.  Wow, I’m honored that my own little blog is deemed worthy to share space with these writers (on the network not in the book).  It’s also obvious that this project was a labor of love.  The editor does a good job porting the electronic comment to the printed page.  The only thing I would have preferred to see was the inclusion of comments.  However, I’m given to understand that there was some controversy during the publication process the precluded the inclusion of comments.

As stated previously the articles favor Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition in particular).  Does this mean the book is useless for those who play games other than D&D?  No it’s not, quite a bit of the articles can be stripped of their D&D specifics and ported into whatever system you prefer.  There’s also quite a bit of system neutral items included as well.

I plan on making extensive use of this tome.  In short it’s well worth the $22.95

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  1. We would have loved the comments too. Some of them really added to the articles. Sadly, there was an issue of use and ownership for them. Which is why some of us now have a Terms of Service for our sites which spell out all comments fall under a Creative Commons License.

    I’m glad you liked the Anthology. I’ve very impressed with the way things turned out. Now if we can get enough sales, maybe we can have one next year.

    Comment by bonemaster | April 15, 2009

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