The RPGBN Shared World: Some thoughts.

map-02Some of the RPGBN (Role Playing Game Bloggers Network) members are in the middle of a massive project.  We are creating a shared world for the purpose of a common base for the RPGs we run.   Shown at right is the map we are working from (click on it for a more legible size).

Each Blogger is responsible for developing their own little corner of the world.  Ayuhwa, grid 0402, is what I’m developing.  I’ll be writing through the thought processes of the creation of this little country in coming weeks.  The name comes from the original Native American word for the my state.  Iowa is an anglicized version of the Native American bastardization of a French word describing the land.  In my development of the country, I’ll be incorporating aspects of all the games I’m currently running for my different gaming groups.

One thing that I am including is the home base of the W.J.A., the RPGBN Super Hero group.  The roster is  not closed on the W.J.A. if you’d like your hero included, leave a comment here or at that post.  The heroes themselves do not necessarily live in Ayuhwa that’s just where their home base is located.

The shared nature is what I like best about this project.  Six people each creating one hero and suddenly we have a team ready to defend this world.  32 bloggers each working on their own little corner and we have a full fledged world ready to be used.  I have some more co-operative  ventures (like the heroes) that I’ll be opening up in the coming days.  This is turning into a really cool project.  I’m honored to be included.


  1. Darn, I missed out on this. Oh well . . . Would be nice to put Caithness in there some where. 🙂 The Known Lands are the Known Lands after all.

  2. @NewbieDM – Yeah, I know

    @Elton – You could contact the moderators, but I think sign up is closed.

    @Ruminator – Click the big blue box at the top of my page and follow the instructions there.

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