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RPGBN Heroes: Watchmen of the Justice Avengers – Role Call!

When the world needs saving who do you call? The Watchmen of the Justice Avengers is the RPGBN’s own Superhero Group.  This stalwart band of heroes is ready to defeat your villain, fight the injustice, protect the innocent, but more importantly spice up your hero campaign.

The WJA’s headquarters are located in Ayuhwa on the RPGBN Shared world project.  However with dimensional hopping abilities, the WJA are ready to help in your own campaign.  This project is not closed.  Leave me a link and I’ll add your hero to the roster.

Founding Membership in alphabetical order:
Ambrose – Home Base: The Nameless Kingdom
The Dungeon Master– Home Base: Vulcan Stev’s Database
Elder Lehman – Home Base: Unclebear
The Grey Wulf – Home Base: Greywulf’s Lair
Mad Brew – Home Base: Mad Brew Labs
Ravyn – Home Base: Exchange of Realities
Virii – Home Base: The Bard of Valiant

Founding Roster is now closed.  Your Hero can still be a member.  Just leave me a link.

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  2. Well, I maybe I could be that member of the WJA that nobody really gets a long with and is sometimes at odds with.

    Comment by Mad Brew | April 10, 2009

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  5. Here’s mine. Kneel before the might of The Grey Wulf!

    Comment by greywulf | April 11, 2009

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