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Day 87 of Being a Cancer Survivor

rib4This morning Mrs. VS woke up to find most of her hair in her pillow.  She was understandably upset.  At her insistence we went downstairs and shaved off the remainder of her hair.  AS tears streamed down her face I took her in my arms and kissed the now bald head and told her I loved her.  Her expression of disbelief told me I need to do more than just words.  Her face took on a puzzled expression when I took the shaver and started cutting off my own hair.

She’s still upset over the hair loss, but at least there’s a small glimmer of a smile.  She even went a got a green wig (green being my favorite color) and is wearing that around the house today.

Friday’s chemotherapy went better than two weeks ago.  Mrs. VS handled it better without quite as much nausea for the first few days.  However yesterday food started tasting nasty again.  Rather than read my filtered perceptions, here’s Mrs. VS in her own words.
I received second chemo treatment on April 3. The weekend went better than the first chemo treatment weekend. Being on an antibiotic for the ear infection really helped. Yesterday was my last day of antibiotics. It still feels like I have some oceans in my ears, but they don’t hurt. Just a bunch of mucus. I have a recheck on the ears on Mon. April 13. I have been losing my hair all week long. Today it was so scratchy I just pulled it out. What didn’t come out was then shaved, there wasn’t much left. My kids thought I should wear the green wig first so I have green hair today. I am in the phase were I feel like I am made of ooze. It leaves me with an imbalance and I notice my vision is not the sharpest either. Every thing tastes terrible, metallic like. There is some nausea associated with the terrible tastes of everything. I am pretty tired, and I get dry really fast.

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The Cloak of Canineability: a Magical Item.

cloakSunday 3-29-09 we were playing our 2e D&D game The Quest for the Genesis Staff.  We had just finished defeating Moloch the Demon and were dividing up the treasure when the player to my left excused herself momentarily.  My attention was focused on the player to my right.  I turned to look at Jazz and discovered not my friend but the DM’s dog sitting in her chair.  I immediately quipped that Rayne, our Kender (Jazz’s character), had found a Cloak of Canineability.  Bill our DM, who is fond of taking cues from the ad-libs at the table, told me to write it up and we’d give it to her.

I liked the idea so much I wrote it up systemless for dropping into your campaign.

The Cloak of Canineability:  Made from an enchanted cloth covering a fur undercloak this cloak provides the wearer with the ability to speak with all creatures in the Canidae Family; understanding and being understood by all species in the Canis genus including dogs, wolves, foxes and jackals.  The cloak allows the wearer to channel the abilities (similar to DC Comics Animal Man) of whatever canine the DM determines to be closest to the wearer.  This channeling ability extends for a radius of 1000 yards centered on the PC (ie if you’re on a boat and there’s no canines aboard the boat you’re not going to be able to channel any abilities).  Once the ability is channeled it lasts for 15 minutes.  

There is also a limited ability of transformation when wearing the cloak.  You can assume the form of one different canine/per level of magic user (4th level has four forms to choose from).  However this is limited by a duration and each form can only be used once per day.  When in the canine form you are for all intents and purposes that animal and have only those animals stats and abilities though you retain your memories and intellect before and after.

Price: 50,000 GP (or equivalent)  Weight: 4 lbs

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