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Regarding WotC/Hasbro’s less than intelligent descision…

I’ve been reading a lot of venom regarding WotC’s latest customer relations SNAFU.  The tirades are justified and I can’t blame my fellow gamers for feeling betrayed.  Corporate America has swallowed D&D and the committees are treating us like a focus group that can be manipulated. 

Since we are pretty much agreed that WotC has screwed up royally this time may I politely turn your attention towards a company that knows what gamers want.  A company that has available .pdfs, reasonable licensing and print on demand.  Pinnacle Entertainment Group publishers of the Savage Worlds rules.  A simple easy to learn system that can do just about anything.

But Stev, we still like D&D, it’s just WotC that has earned our ire.  Fine might I suggest Shaintar, a D&D like setting using the Savage rules system.  With a D20 conversion, your D&D, characters, monsters, settings can be imported. 

I understand that WotC has ticked you off.  Do something about it.

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Goobers Words of Wisdom: 4-5-09

gooberIn celebration of Palm Sunday, Pastor Gary’s sermon was a monologue/skit of Peter’s thoughts from Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gesthemane through his denial and until Jesus forgave him after the resurrection.

Goober, Ricky and Mickey were all set to celebrate Palm Sunday in style.  Ricky got out the chainsaw, Mickey pulled out the battleaxe, and Goober got his toolbox and SUV all ready to go. 

Needless to say Pastor Gary was a little confused.  Dressed in his Peter outfit and needing to continually duck the battleaxe, Pastor Gary asked Goober what was going on.

Goober explained that he and the boys were getting ready to celebrate Palm Sunday by cutting off people’s ears and then going to Florida afterwards.  Pastor Gary did a double take.  Goober then explained very quickly that cutting off people’s ears was in homage to Peter’s act of bravery in defending Jesus.  The toolbox was in case Pastor Gary couldn’t pray the ears back on, then Goober would use his staple gun to put the ears back on.

Pastor Gary, ducking the battleaxe, told Goober and the boys that Peter cutting off Malchus’ ear was not heroic and that Jesus actually scolded Peter for doing it.  After convincing all three that cutting off ears was not a good idea, Pastor Gary finally asked Goober why he had his SUV out.

Goober pulled has patented *sigh* used when Pastor Gary fails to see what Goober thinks is plainly obvious.  Goober then said it was to celebrate the day by bouncing in Florida and obviously they’d need to drive because Pastor Gary couldn’t afford airplane tickets.

“What do you mean, bouncing in Florida?” Pastor Gary asked.  “What does bouncing in Florida have to do with Palm Sunday?”

“Palm Springs, of course,” Goober replied as he, Ricky and Mickey began bouncing off stage.

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April’s RPG Blog Carnival: When your DM shares your warped sense of humor.

rpgblogcarnivallogocopyThis month’s topic being hosted by A Butterfly Dreaming is one with which I’m very comfortable.  My children and I all have a very warped sense of humor.  We are constantly spouting puns, pointing out absurdities, poking fun at the universe, whenever we do ANYTHING together.  I actively encourage this behaviour in my kids.  However we do know that as a family what we consider amusing is not everyone’s cup of tea.  That said, imagine my surprise when my daughter introduced me to her DM.  Bill and I are cut from the same cloth.  Our sense of humor meshes like compatible gears.

Bill not only encourages ad-libs in character but he’ll incorporate them into the  game on the fly.  A couple of for instances…

The first time I gamed with my daughter’s group, Bill introduced my character to the party when they entered a brand new dungeon, “You see a badly injured Gnome in a healing trance huddled in the corner.”  After some investigation by the party Bill told them that the door into the next chamber was booby trapped.  He then mentioned that the door trap was responsible for the decimation of Nevet’s party leaving him as the sole survivor.  I quipped that Nevets was suffering “Doorphobia” after seeing his party completely destroyed by the trap.

Bill immediately told me to write that on my character sheet.  I play it up big time whenver we come across a door.  Nevets is NEVER the first person to go through a door, archways and openings are different matters entirely.  When we finally found the exit to the dungeon it was a hologram.  As it wasn’t a door, Nevets made a beeline for the exit.

Another time one of our PCs did something incredibly stupid and got himself stuck inside a puzzle box.  I made the comment that what the party really needed was a monkey that would come slap the PC whenever he did something stupid and then maybe he’d learn.  Sure enough the next game session a monkey walked up to our Kender and started following her around.  The Ranger again did something stupid.  The monkey walked over to him and flung poo in his face.

The most recent incident resulted in some homework on my part.  We had just defeated a demon and we were divvying up the treasure.  I had Jazz sitting on my left and Jordan sitting on my right.  While I was talking with Jordan, Jazz excused herself and I missed her saying that.  Without my realizing it the DM’s dog jumped up into Jazz’s chair.  Without turning, I asked Jazz a question, no response.  I turned and looked and was surprised to see the pooch, I quipped that Rayne, Jazz’s character, must have found a cloak of canineability.

Bill looked me straight in the eye and grinned, “Write it up and she has it.”  So now I’m in the process of writing up a Cloak of Canineability.

Humor and gaming.  If you and your DM mesh it’s fun for everyone.

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Vulcan Mind-Meld

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

I just had to share this with everybody.

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