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Quest for the Staff of Genesis: D&D 2e Game Day 3-29-09

squidgeeWhen we last left our intrepid band of stalwart heroes, they had just defeated a whole passel of Drow.  Tired and not worried about being attacked because of the females’ new bodyguards the party slept and healed.  During the night, the Drow navigated the dungeon and retrieved the piece of the staff the party was searching for in this dungeon.  After presenting the piece to the women, the Drow exited the dungeon through a wall, the party followed.

Once outside the dungeon the party found their cart being overrun by goblins.  The L/G characters ran for the cart and began attacking the Goblins.  Our Kendar, Rayne (pictured thanks Greywulf) took out her magical Ribbons of Fire and ensnared three of the Goblins as well as Nevets.  The Goblins barbecued and Nevets lost his hair (shameful thing that).  After finally defeating the goblins the party reloaded the cart and headed back for the boat.  Nevets’ party’s stuff was long since gone.  The party invited Nevets, Bawb, and Hawrayn to come along on their quest.  All three accepted.  In a gesture of penance Rayne gave Nevets an enchanted scroll that caused his beard, eyebrows, and hair to grow back.

Along the trail back to the boat the entire party, cart and all fell into a hole.  As they fell, Taikara, the party leader cast feather fall thus slowing the plummet.  As the party continued the fall, hands began grasping them from the wall.  The new Drow bodyguards were captured and pulled into the wall.  Rayne had a magical item that allowed the reversal of one nasty event, she used the item to regain the Drow bodyguards.  During the plunge the L/G PCs were engaged in a battle on the mental plain.  Only Sir Galahad successfully resisted.

Aria, Bawb and Aria’s bodygurad Tizord searched the cart for something to protect the L/G characters.  They found two Rings of Mind Sheilding and placed one of them on Nevets’ finger.  Nevets then recovered and  immediately recognized that the wall was composed of lost souls.  Nevets prayed to his God, Jahwei and received the Quest Spell of Undead Plague.  After casting the spell, an army of skeletons came forth from the wall and preceded the party to bottom of the pit.  Seeing what Nevets had done Taikara prayed to her god and recieved the same spell.  It was there that the team encountered the demon Moloch, it seems he wanted the piece to the Genesis Staff that the party had just recovered.  The team fought a pitched battle and emerged relatively unscathed and caused Moloch to retreat to one of his other bolt-holes.  The team found quite a few treasures including four soul gems (one of which belongs to our Kendar, Rayne) and a Cloak of Canineability.

The team made the journey back to Taikara’s boat where they found a magical navigator.  He piloted the craft very quickly to the NW corner of the realm in less than four days.  Once there the ship docked and the party discovered two people being chased by Goblins.  Once again the L/G (I can see why players opt for Lawful/Neutral) sped into harms way.  After a pitched battle, Taikara sprinkled Fairy Dust onto one of the ship’s cannonballs.  Calling for her teammates to vacate, Taikara shot the cannonball and managed to not only take out the remaining Goblins, but a significant portion of the surrounding landscape and a fair portion of woodland creatures.  Fairy Cannon Cove will soon be a new home to aquatic life.

Taikara, a Druid whose spirit guide happens to be a bear now cares for the bear cub whose mother was killed in the explosion.  Nevets is training a rescued fully grown Black Bear to be his mount.  The party has agreed to help Taikara build a temple to make peace with her gods.

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