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Classy Characters Vol 1: a review

catsanddogsMy friend Greywulf has put together this collectionof renders.  I just purchased my set this morning.  I have to stop right here and say that Greywulf you have some talent.  If you frequent his blog you’ve seen his renders adorning various postings.  If not I suggest you go look.  Anyway the 62 images contained in the downloaded 20mg file are very nicely done.  The twelve high resolution images are of a cleric, a fey warlock, a fighter, a nomad, a ranger and her dragon, a rouge, 2 warlords, a wizard, a wounded warrior, a scary looking dude wielding two axes, and Jimmy Neutrons’ robot.  OK it’s not really Jimmy Neutron’s robot but it sure looks like something he’d build.

There are 50 other miscellaneous pictures that Greywulf has included for your use in your blogs, gaming illustrations or any other non-commercial project you can think of.  These pics are worth the price.

The best thing about these is the price, $4.  That’s right; 400 pennies, sixteen quarters, and best of all the proceeds go to help our own Berin Kinsman.

This package comes heartily recommended.  Two pointed ears way, way up.


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  1. Many thanks for the review! Glad you like ’em 😀

    Comment by greywulf | March 30, 2009

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