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Goober’s Words of Wisdom: 3-29-09

gooberPastor Gary continued his sermon series on Jesus’ miracles prior to the passion week.  Today’s sermon was from Matthew 21:29-34, the healing of the blind men.  Goober, Ricky and Mickey figured that Pastor Gary was intending to have actual blind people come visit the church.

So Goober and Mickey were testing out “Blind People Sticks”.  Ricky was supposed to go find a seeing-eye dog.  Ricky was unable to find a seeing-eye dog on short notice so he got a seeing-eye sheep.  Unfortunately, this was One Way Express’ untrained sheep.  The Sheep has the uncanny ability to make something simple something complicated by not doing what it’s supposed to.

Goober and Mickey kept trying to capture the sheep and caused general pandemonium because they forgot to drop their “Blind People Sticks”.  They began chasing the sheep, almost knocking over things and hitting Pastor Gary.  After Pastor Gary managed to calm things down he finally convinced the boys that although blind people were welcome in our church there weren’t going to be any today.  The boys agreed to go chase down the sheep and pen it up before the sermon started.

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