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Goober’s Words of Wisdom: 3-29-09

gooberPastor Gary continued his sermon series on Jesus’ miracles prior to the passion week.  Today’s sermon was from Matthew 21:29-34, the healing of the blind men.  Goober, Ricky and Mickey figured that Pastor Gary was intending to have actual blind people come visit the church.

So Goober and Mickey were testing out “Blind People Sticks”.  Ricky was supposed to go find a seeing-eye dog.  Ricky was unable to find a seeing-eye dog on short notice so he got a seeing-eye sheep.  Unfortunately, this was One Way Express’ untrained sheep.  The Sheep has the uncanny ability to make something simple something complicated by not doing what it’s supposed to.

Goober and Mickey kept trying to capture the sheep and caused general pandemonium because they forgot to drop their “Blind People Sticks”.  They began chasing the sheep, almost knocking over things and hitting Pastor Gary.  After Pastor Gary managed to calm things down he finally convinced the boys that although blind people were welcome in our church there weren’t going to be any today.  The boys agreed to go chase down the sheep and pen it up before the sermon started.

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Game Night 3-27-09: Stargate SG-21

stargate1Col Winston and Sgt. Sassy escorted the prisoner they captured in last week’s game out of Scatterpoint across the wastes and to the Stargate.

Meanwhile, Maj. Johnson along with Sergeants Kyle, Emo, Mystery, Steeleflex, and Meeker took the Spiral to Black Shackle to rescue Sister Canondale.  Enroute Sergeant Steeleflex attempted to make the trip on the boarding platform outside the car.  The conductor told Sgt Steeleflex to sit down and politely ordered his party to keep an eye on him.

Major Johnson ordered Steeleflex to sit down.  Just as Steeleflex sat down the team heard the rending sound of the rear door of the car being ripped from its track.  Twelve Malakar marauders spilled onto the train and began demanding money from the passengers.  Sergeant Kyle had the brilliant idea to pull her Zat, put it against the floor and sending a stun pulse through the metal of the car.  Sgt Kyle called for her team to get up off the seats and then fired the Zat against the floor.  She managed to stun the first three quarters of the car but not the Malakar.

Steelflex successfully taunted that Malaker causing them to focus their attention on the team instead of their intended helpless victims.  During the ensuing battle the team discovered three things.  They discovered that Malakar have claws, ineffective against their Kevlar but claws nonetheless.  They discvoered that their P90s don’t deal out quite as much damage against the Malakar as the team is used to.  They also discovered that Zats are completely useless against the Malaker.

The team did manage to finally defeat the invaders and rescued the other passengers.  After the conductor regained consciousness he surveyed the damage to his train.  The team feared the worst having already become a thorn in the side of many of Scatterpoint’s residents.  They were pleasantly surprised when they were given free passes on the conductor’s train.

Next: Rescuing Sister Cannondale

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