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Gaming in the Universe of: Eagle Eye

VS Database review for Eagle Eye

ariaThis is your standard Hollywood action flick with one notable exception.  The ‘villan’ is a self-aware computer intent on remolding the United States government into one that it believes will be more in line with its programming.

The notion is a scary thought and one that has been explored in movies such as a Wargames and the Terminator.  Unlike Wargames in which Joshua is only playing a game initiated by Broderick’s hacker character or Terminator in which the computer is struggling for its own survival, Aria is doing what she thinks is ‘right’ for the preservation of her country.

This plot point can be dropped into any game with a technological base.  Your PCs get activated by the computer and are run through the hoops much the same way Shia LaBeouf’s character chases across the country.  An added twist is that the PCs never find out that their sponsor is in fact a computer.  It might be a fun campaign to see how long the PCs go before they start to question what it is that they’re doing.

To add this plot-point to a fantasy (read I don’t want some lawyer from WotC issuing  me a cease and desist) setting replace the computer with some enchanted object put in place by he wizard protector of the community .  The wizard’s spell takes on a life of it’s own.  It’s up to the PCs to find a way to break the spell.  The enchanted object really should to be something normally inanimate to play as then it becomes part of the challenge to find out where this thing is really vulnerable.

To use this plot point in a non-fantasy low tech setting, the DM should do some research to see if there is some sort of mythology that could be substituted.  For example if I was trying to fit this into a Pirates scenario, I might play Aria off as Kraken or or some other sea-beastie that the locals have trained to protect them.  However the Kraken has reverted to its true nature and has turned on its captors threatening the lives of all those close by.


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  1. wow, almost makes me wish I went to go see it, but does remind me of I, Robot (the movie, not the book, which I have yet to read). That could fit into a fantasy setting, where golems are told to protect a village and decides they aren’t running it the best way possible… though golems are non-intelligent, aren’t they… there goes that idea.

    Comment by MacGuffin | March 27, 2009

  2. This makes me want to get to work on a dungeon idea I’ve had for a while now… The wife has been playing a lot of BioShock… I think If I was to use this I would make it an intelligent crystal ball or perhaps the wizard’s intelligent staff (which has dominated said wizard’s imp familiar).

    Lots of mileage in this one.

    Comment by drcheckmate | March 27, 2009

  3. Exalted does what you describe in a mid sized city state called Paragon in the south. It’s canon. The Prefect of the city has an immensely powerful artifact that is used to impose order on the entire populace. It’s pretty cool.

    Comment by Helmsman | March 27, 2009

  4. @MacGuffin – Golems are perfect. The computer wasn’t intelligent to start with either I’m sure.

    I, Robot is infinitely better than the movie. Don’t get me wrong. The movie is good but it ain’t the novel.

    @Dr. C. – That works, glad I could help.

    @Helmsman – Um yeah.

    Comment by Vulcan Stev | March 27, 2009

  5. kinda off topic, but yeah, thats what I heard.
    I read starship troopers, and its awesome. just blows the crappy movie away.

    Comment by MacGuffin | March 28, 2009

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