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Day 73 of Being a Cancer Survivor

rib4I received an e-mail today asking why there weren’t daily updates regarding Mrs. VS.  The simple answer is that most days the update would read.  Mrs. VS got up, fixed herself breakfast.  After kids and husband left she sat down and folded laundry / played computer / cried.  She got tired and napped until kids came home / husband came home / dog woke her up.  Went to bed after supper and was rudely awakened when thoughtless husband came to bed two hours later.  Post like that would tend to get monotonous and repetitive after awhile.  I’ll be updating weekly unless there’s Earth-Shattering news….  Today qualifies as Earth Shattering.

First status in Mrs VS’s own words….

Being that I have both chemo and cold it is hard to tell what symptoms are from what. I just feel cruddy. Obviously the cold has me feeling congested and occasionally hacking up yucky stuff. I’ve also faced headache, and earaches. At first I faced some sore throat too. Other symptoms I have had are constipation, nausea, unsteadiness on my feet, some disorientation/confusion. My vision has been a little weird and nothing tastes right. Not even water. My jaw and teeth seem to have tightened, flossing has become difficult. Although I haven’t lost any hair yet my head does feel wierd, my hair seems coarser and my head itches frequently. I have also noticed I have become very sun sensitive. I walked the dog once and that is all it took to get a sunburn. I need to make sure I use sunscreen even on cloudy days. Tired is another thing I feel alot. Some of my meds even cause drowsiness. Anyway, the treatment for chemo seems to be to get plenty of liquid and plenty of rest. The way to beat a cold is to drink plenty of liquid and get plenty of rest. It seems the course for me right now is to get plenty of liquid and plenty of rest.

Today when I came home from my bar run, Mrs. VS was feeling VERY depressed.  She was considering leaving us and going away because she was feeling useless.  She doesn’t think she’s being much help with the Can Company.  She knows she’s not being much help with the puppet team.  She can’t help me out with open game night when she’s feeling sick.  She was just feeling useless.

I spent the better part of the afternoon talking with her and trying to figure out what we could do to help her feel less useless.  Mrs. VS confided in me that she had been asked by a co-worker to come to the co-worker’s church and help out with their deaf ministry, Mrs. VS is an interpreter for the Deaf by trade.  She politely turned them down thinking that because I’m involved with the Children’s programs at our own church, she wouldn’t be able to attend a different church on regular basis without causing some problems.

There currently is no deaf ministry at our church and honestly I can’t think of any deaf people in our community.  So I discussed this with the Senior Pastor.  His solution was rather elegant.  Rather than making a big deal about Mrs. VS leaving our church to attend elsewhere, he wants to officially send her out as a missionary from our church to the church with the Deaf Ministry.  She’ll still be part of our church just doing what she does best at a place that actually needs her skills.

Mrs. VS brightened immediately at this suggestion.  I haven’t seen a smile on her face since she started the chemo.  Thanks Pastor Gary for taking what could have been a problem and turning it into something positive.

Unless there is something major, I’ll post again next week Friday.  Check my Twitter Feed or Facebook for listings of new posts.  I know that there are lot of folks that check this blog for updates about Mrs. VS but don’t really care to read about my RPG stuff.

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D&D 2e Game Day 3-22-09

One month to the day after we left off our 2e D&D group returned to the game.  The month long hiatus was due to a job schedule change for our DM.

The lawful/good characters, including Nevets, dashed down the stairs that were revealed last session.  Entering the chamber the characters discover members missing from the party before Nevets joined up bound and chained to the walls.  Also in the room are the obviously tortured remains of Nevets party.  Along the wall are various religious symbols including that of his Diety, Jahwei.  Two trolls, three ogres and four drow were fighting over the spoils in the center of the room.

Bawb, the militant wizard dwarf who was rescued in the last room went invisible and began to free the captive PCs.  Sir Gallahad, noticing that his Diety’s symbol had been desecrated charged into the midst of the fighting monsters with a battle cry.  Hawrayn stood back and threw stars from his robe of stars and hit the ogres.  Nevets not having a long-range weapon followed Sir Gallahad and began attacking drow.  After freeing the captives, Bawb cast fireball on the two trolls.  Meanwhile our Kender, Rayne, began stuffing the loot into her coat of many pockets.

After the trolls ignited, Bawb cast another fireball.  The party seeing what was happening made sure the rescued characters were right behind us and we evacuated.  Nevets grabbed all the religious icons and the party made it out just as the trolls erupted in a humongous fireball that consumed everything in the room.

Heading back upstairs, the party took time to heal and go through the treasure retrieved by Rayne.  Nevets received back the bow carried by his party’s archer.  The party entered the next room to discover 10 drow waiting for them and three Pedapelps.  The drow attacked as soon as we entered the room.

Rayne, our Kendar, decided to change clothes in the middle of the battle.  At this point the DMs dice began to fail him.  The DM decided to roll to see if one of the drow had been mesmerized by Rayne’s striptease.  Our female Aquatic Elf asked if the drow fighting her was mesmerized as well.  The DM rolled a critical miss on that and the drow were not only mesmerized but began to fight the fellow drow whenever they came near our females.  Nevets cast enthrall over the drow as the rest of the party battled on.  Nevets was successful.  OOC I asked if Nevets successful enthrallment caused a permanent change in alignment.  The DM and I rolled percentiles and I beat him.  Our female characters now had bodyguards, Drow with permanent changes in alignment.  Apparently the DM had decided that some of the drow in the room were in fact dragon riders.  He asked all of our ladies to roll percentiles, each beat him.  Not only do our ladies have bodyguards but the bodyguards each have dragons.  By this point the DM is pulling out his hair.  Meanwhile the rest of the enthralled drow vacated the room just as Nevets used his new bow and enchanted bow string to deal with the pedipelps.

All of this overshadowed the emergence of a specialized monkey.  The monkey was designed between myself and the DM in an effort to teach one of the players a lesson.  More on the monkey later.  As we shut down for the night, the party was introducing themselves to the new members of our party.

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