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Life Near an Iowan Cornfield 3-22-09

Busy busy busy…..

After starting off majorly behind at work on Monday, I thought I’d take just pre-counted cans and estimates while I worked on Saturday’s backlog.  So many cans came spilling into the center that I didn’t have room inside for all of them.  I had to tarp over the top of the outside pile.  The pile stayed there until Friday.  The redemption center in the next county still hasn’t opened so I know I’m still getting walk-in traffic from there.

Tuesday Mr. VS got her medport installed and Friday we had the first round of chemo.  More details in the Day 69 blogpost.

PIT #3 had a major project at school that was due last week.  He needed to have a prototype for an original invention.  His idea was a two-headed axe/hammer.  On one side is the axe head on the other side of the handle is the sledge hammer head.  Forget the fact that putting weight on the bottom of the handle decreases the power behind the swing he had fun putting it together.  His teacher was impressed with his creation and presentation.  PIT #3 reported after school that day that he didn’t even tell the teacher the best part of his new invention, it could also be used as a weapon by his barbarian character in D&D.  Daddy is so proud.

Currently watching: Stargate SG1 season 10
Currently reading: Necessary Evil – hoping to start that campaign at OGN in the next few weeks
Posts in the pipeline: GintUo Super Spies, Make Myself a Monster
New on my bookshelf: Mutants & Masterminds core rulebook, D&D 4e PHB and Monster Manual

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