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Day 69 of being a Cancer Survivor

rib4Tuesday, 3-17, Mrs VS got her medaport installed.  That surgery went fine.  She is quite pleased with the results and really likes the fact that bloodwork can be done relatively simply now.

Friday, 3-20, we went in for the first round of chemo treatments.  We got to Dr. S. office at about 8:45.  Would’ve been there earlier but the main route in the doctor’s office was closed do to some emergency sewer work.  After we arrived the nurses took us right back.  I was shunted off to the waiting room because of my cold.  Mrs. VS was done before 11:00.  She wasn’t feeling up to much of anything so we left for home.

En-route to home we were talking and my beloved wife corrected me about my wrong assumptions.  I had thought that the treatment schedule was the weekly treatments followed by the bi-weekly later on.  No we’re starting with the bi-weekly.  So in all innocence, I asked if this was the treatment that would be causing hair loss.  Unintentionally, I caused the love of my life to burst into tears.  After much consolation and assurances that I still loved her we arrived home still upset from the trip.

Because of the mountainous backlog at the redemption center I went off to work leaving instructions for Mrs. VS to call if she needed me.  Her friend J.V. came over to sit with her Friday evening as I was needed to at the youth center for Open Game Night. 

Yesterday afternoon her brother came over to sit with her while the family went off to D&D day.  She missed us but was thankful for the relative peace and quiet.

So far Mrs. VS has been suffering from catching my cold.  She’s had some nausea but no puking.  There appears to be some bruising around the medaport.  She’s sleeping on the couch right now and doesn’t plan on going to church today.


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