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A Hearty Thank You and Welcome to the Network’s Readers

Thank you for adding my blog to the network.  I would like to introduce my new readers to the RPG section of the Database.

I am not as avid a D&D player as some of you.  My D&D gaming during high school fell victim to the “Devil’s Game” scare of the mid-80’s.  It was only recently that I’ve been playing again, thanks to my daughter (PIT#1).  I actively play D&D 2e on a weekly basis with her gaming group.  My first experience with 4e will be this Saturday when I cover world D&D at my FLGS.  So although I enjoy D&D I am not very conversant in it at this time.

I actively GM games for the open game night at our local youth center.  My system of choice is Savage Worlds and we currently have a running Stargate campaign using the Savage Worlds conversion for that fine game by Alderac.  I have a Necessary Evil campaign in the works for my players at their request.

I struggle with coming up with my own ideas, apparently I’m not alone.  One of the exercises that I’ve been attempting recently is to start thinking outside the box.  My children and I have been reviewing movies for a number of years, so recently I’ve been looking at the movies we’ve reviewed and trying to figure out how I’d use the universe from the movie in various gaming scenarios.  I’m also flipping things on their heads and looking for inspiration in some not so obvious places; fortune cookies, commercials, TV.

Thanks for stopping by.   It is my sincere hope that you find something here worth reading.

What movies would you like to see the family review with a subsequent article about gaming in that universe?

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