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Goober’s Words of Wisdom: 3-15-09


Pastor continued his sermon series on the miracles of Jesus.  This week Pastor Gary choose the healing of the ten lepers as told in Luke 17:11-19.  Goober free-associated this to coincide with the upcoming holiday.

Goober assumed that March 17th was the day that Jesus healed the ten leper-cons.  He, Ricky, and Mickey started off by throwing out Leper-con Day candy.  The popped up wearing green derbys, green bow-ties, and speaking in the worst Leper-con accents heard this side of the Atlantic.

Pastor Gary tried his best to reign in the antics, but every time he mentioned that leperosy was a disease, Goober agreed with him.  “Yes, Pastor Gary, Leper-see is when clovers grow out of your head.  Saint Patrick cured all the Leper-cons in Ireland in honor of Jesus’ healing of the ten Leper-cons.

After much explaining Pastor was able to convince Goober that the lepers Jesus healed had nothing to do with St. Patrick, Ireland or March 17th.

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  1. were they leaping?

    Comment by Gerrit | March 25, 2009

  2. o.O
    my church needs more puppets…
    I’m jealous…

    Comment by MacGuffin | March 29, 2009

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