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Goober’s Words of Wisdom 3-8-09

gooberThis morning, Pastor’s sermon was from Matthew 17:24-27.  The story about Peter pulling his Jesus’s temple tax from the mouth of a fish that he had just caught.

Goober and Ricky thought that was just wa-a-ay too cool.  They promptly thought it was a good method to make some money.  Goober got his fishing pole and Ricky got his net.  The boys attempted to go fishing in the sanctuary.

Much hilarity ensued as the congregation began putting things on the end of the line for Goober and Ricky to catch.  After losing control of the whole situation, Pastor managed to “reel” the whole thing back on topic.

After telling the boys that this was a miracle and not an everyday occurrence, Pastor was able to convince Goober and Ricky that catching fish for the money in their mouths was not a good business plan.  Unconvinced, Pastor Gary at least managed to convince the boys that the sanctuary was not the best place to catch fish.  Goober and Ricky left in high spirits yo go catch fish in the puddles outside.

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