Goober’s Word’s of Wisdom: 3-1-09

gooberSunday morning 3-1-09, Pastor’s sermon was about Jesus being the Bread of Life.  His scripture was Mark 8:1-21, the story was about Jesus feeding the 4,000.

Goober of course thought that Pastor Gary had invited 4,000 people to lunch after church.  Goober ordered 5 pizzas to start with.  He and Ricky argued with Pastor that there wasn’t room inside the church for 4,000 people.  Ricky brought up that the parking lot was too small for that many cars.  Goober suggested letting folks park their cars in the cornfield as there wasn’t any corn yet.

After Pastor Gary managed to convince Goober and Ricky that he had not in fact invited 4,000 people for lunch that the sermon was about Jesus feeding 4,000 people, the boys could not understand how Jesus managed to feed that many people.  Ricky wondered who delivered that much food.  Much discussion ensued over who Jesus could have called to get that much food.

After Pastor Gary explained that Jesus preformed a miracle and fed 4,000 men not including the women and children using seven loaves and few small fish, Goober was awestruck.  “That’d be like Jesus having one pizza, offering everyone a slice and feeding everyone in Grundy Center,: Goober replied.  Pastor told Goober that was about right.  Goober got the brilliant idea of letting Jesus provide the pizza for a new restaurant.

Pastor told Goober that Jesus would not honor a prayer request like that.  Pastor Gary also told  Goober that he and Ricky were welcome to the pizza since lunch was tuna-spinach casserole.

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