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Game Night 2-22-09

Two weeks ago I joined up with PIT #1s Sunday afternoon gaming group.  I hadn’t played D&D since High School.  The GM is my age and had been running this adventure for 6 teenagers for the past six months or so.  My daughter invited me to come along.  We rolled up Nevets Belin, a 3rd level, gnome, Fighter/Cleric.  The PCs had already started the adventure when I joined.  The DM decided that my character had been sent on the quest previously only to see my entire party wiped out by the first trap.

Nevets developed a fear of doors.  I’ve played this up as we’ve continued through the dungeon.  Nevets has his trusty mace and was given a Sun Sword by a Kender in the party.

Anyway we left it last time with the party just having defeated the Orcs in one of the rooms.  I came home psyched about the game.  PITs #2&3 wanted to play.  I cleared it with the DM and brought them along this week.

Enter Bawb, the Militant Wizard Dwarf and Hawrayn, the Savage Wizard Half-Elf.  While the boys were rolling out their characters, Nevets and the party stumbled across a 15th Level Goblin Mage and his class of Mage wannabes.  The party attacked.  Nevets cast a spell to make magic casting harder while the party battled the Goblins.  The party wasn’t doing well as Nevets and the Goblin Mage cast another spell at the same time.  The Mage cast Time Stop just as Nevets cast Sanctify.  Nevets and the Mage were the only ones unaffected by Stop Time.

Nevets lunged at the Goblin Mage with his mace and Sun Sword, being ambidextrous he successfully attacked the Mage.  However, the Mage cast a Fireball.  Nevets went up like a marshmallow.  Toasted to within 3 points of his life Nevets called a truce and asked the Mage what he wanted.  The Mage replied he just wanted to get his students out.  The DM admitted after the Mage left, that Nevets had battled him to within a point.  Ah well, Nevets is a Lawful/Good and probably sensed that the Mage was near death.

The party entered the next room only to find it completely dark.  Nevets cast a Fairie Light spell and revealed the antagonists in this room to be four Drow after the party dispatched the Drow we discovered Bawb and Hawrayn tied up in the room.  This is when the main threat revealed itself, a Dryder.  The whole party with the exception of Thief in the party worked together to defeat the menace.  Hawrayn summoned bats and was quite happy with his new pets.

Last room for the day.  While the party was dealing with living moss, Nevets was studying the red dragon rune in the floor and discovered that the scales were movable.  After successfully figuring out the proper sequence, a spiral staircase was revealed in the floor.  Screams of pain and anguish echoed up into the chamber.  Every Lawful/Good character immediately ran towards the screams….

That’s where left off.  Can’t wait for the next game.


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  1. Greetings, I am known as Taikara amongst this D and D group. I am currently the Party Leader as designated by the DM. Just a bit of background about me, I am a Gray Elf Druid. I am a self designated scribe and I’m on my way to being a well known priest. But don’t be fooled, priests can provide a big bang as well (literally).
    Anyway let me get on with the story, I will start from where we met Nevets. We entered the cave to find bodies all over the floor in an otherwise harmless room. We found Nevets in one corner, there was a giant compass dial in the center of the floor, two statues on each side of the room, and one…seemingly impassable door in which Nevets was completely terrified of.
    As my party searched the statues for anything valuable, we decided to further examine the compass dial on the floor. Further examination found that it was movable so we figured out the sequence and entered the room.
    (this was all from the previous sunday of playing)
    now we are up to where Nevets started above.

    In this room was goblins. I entered first to speak peacefully to the goblins (i speak goblin) but of course they attacked first and asked questions later. As the party started in on their own individual battles I went for the Mage teacher. I wanted this over quick and simply so no one in my party got hurt but thats asking for too much. I readied my bow with fairy dust bowstring (makes things go boom!) but as i readied it, i was hit with a laughing spell and could not attack anything.

    The battle continued until almost everyone was immoblilized but Nevets and the Mage. Thank the lord for Nevets because without him we would not be here today to recall this story. He negotiated with him so we could leave peacefully into the next room.

    The next room reveiled four drow and seemingly no way out. There was one door on the other side of the room but it seemed quite far away. There was two beings tied up on the other side of the room. The party began their struggle to destroy the main threat, a Dryder. I mainly looked for a way out. The drow were consciously watching the only door so i took out my bow, and took one shot through the opposite wall. The explosion hit and everyone ducked for cover.

    As the debris cleared we had our way out, and the group had finished off the Dryder. (at this time i left for work! Sorry thats the end of what I saw!)

    Comment by calisandra | February 26, 2009

  2. On Sunday afternoons I go and play d&d with friends, my dad, and my brothers. My character is an aquatic elf ranger named Aryia. Last week we were in a cave and came across a school room full of goblin mages. They first attacked our party leader, Taikara, I went to go protect her with my sheild. I ended up levatating above the ground. Nevets Belin, our gnome cleric that we met at the beginning of the cave, distracted the goblin who cast the spell on me and I started to fall. Seconds later a spell the teacher goblin cast took affect and only he and my gnome friend were unaffected and to the rest of us time seemed to stop. The teacher and Nevets had a show down, they took a draw. When the goblins left I crashed to the floor. We all went into the next room and saw two doors. Most of the party choose the door to the left while two others, Nafarious Applegate and Sagetorius, took the door to the right. The room I went into had a fountain in it that looked like my liege Cynadra. The fountain healed all wounds. There was another door in this room and we decided to go through it. In this room was another locked door, moss on the walls, and a picture of a red dragon on the floor with a ruby for an eye. I decided to try to open the door while others tried to get the ruby eye out. Nevets saw that the scales of the dragon could move and decided to experiment with them. When he moved the scales it made the moss move towards the door and it surrounded me. I decided to stand still so I wouldn’t anger it. Hawurar, the half elf mage we rescued in the cave, summoned bats to fly around me so I wouldn’t be hurt. At the end of our session Nevets had revealed a staircase going down from the dragon and screaming sounded from where the stairs lead.

    Comment by blackspartan09 | February 26, 2009

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