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Goober’s Words of Wisdom 2-15-09

owe_logo_splashThis morning’s sermoncontinued Pastor’s series on Jesus’ “Bag of Tricks”  The miracle of raising Lazurus from the dead in John 11.  Pastor entitled his sermon “Dead Man Walking”, referencing the 1996 movie by the same title.  Goober, being five had never heard of that movie.  The first thing he thought of was of course zombies.

The first thing Goober, Ricky, and Micky did was scatter red wrapping paper all over the place.  Visually exciting to be sure, but very confusing to Pastor Gary.  After explaining to Pastor Gary that they were setting a zombie trap, Goober and Ricky did their best zombie impersonations to help Pastor Gary.

Micky then thought that Goober and Ricky had in fact become zombies and got out his trusty butterfly net to capture the zombies.  Pastor Gary had a difficult time explaining to Goobergoober that Lazurus was not a zombie.  Goober had come prepared with a first aid kit to heal wounds caused by zombie bites, nets to capture zombies, and the aforementioned crinkly blood-red wrapping paper.  The wrapping paper was to both attract the zombies and warn everyone by making noise when the zombies walked all over it.

After much discussion about the habits of zombies, Pastor Gary was able to convince Goober and Ricky that Lazurus was not a zombie.

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Inspiration where does it come from?

Inspiration, The Muse, that sudden flash of “Ah-ha”, where does it come from?  Mine is hard to find.  I’m amazed at the consistency that I can immediately see possibilities in the ideas created by others but have difficulty coming up with my own ideas.  Dr. Checkmate came up with a RPG setting that combines elements of Robin Hood with your favorite post-apocalyptic settings.  I immediately saw how I could rework some of my Car Wars material into this setting.  But coming up with the original hook awes me.  I could list a number of my on-line buddies who have come up with ‘orginal’ concepts or mash-ups that I could immediately see how to implement but I have difficulty arriving at the same flash of inspiration.

I marvel at the ability my Captain over at Starships of the Third Fleet has in coming up with new prologues every three months.  I can immediately grasp how Stev will handle the proposed problem.  I’ve written a number of Stev stories but haven’t been able to write a successful prologue as yet.

My GMing experience runs the same gamut.  My gaming group wanted to run a Stargate game.  I spent  a lot of time working with Ron Fricke’s conversion of Stargate to Savage Worlds.  The I picked up a copy Sean Preston’s RunePunk for Savage Worlds and have successfully used that as a major Stargate campaign.  I’m doing something similar with the Serenity RPG and Slipstream.

My inspirational forte seems to be in seeing how I can best use the work of others to achieve what I want on my own.  How about you?

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