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Let me introduce you to Nevets Belin

Nevets Belin, a third level Gnome Fighter/Cleric.

Last week PIT #1 invited me to join her Sunday afternoon D&D game group.  She and her friends have been playing together on Sunday afternoon since last year.  The game day started as a way for those not interested in NASCAR racing to extricate themselves from the home where the race was on all day.

The GM runs a 2nd Edition ruleset for this Sunday afternoon game.  Most of the gamers in this group are my daughters friends and as such I’m very familiar with the pack as they spend a fair amount of time at my house on occasion, in fact one of the gamers in question spends so much time at my house that she refers to me as her temporary father.  PIT #1 has long stated that she thinks her GM and her father would get along.  She bases this assesment on similar reactions to situations, similar senses of humor.  So last week she invited me to attend the gaming group.  Being a good daddy, I accepted.

Now bear in mind that my previous D&D experience is limited to a few pick up games in high school.  That and what I’ve gleaned on the current state of the game from following the various blogs that I read.  So when asked what character I wanted to play the first thing that popped into  my head was I want to be  Gnome because they don’t exist in 4e.  What other motivation did I have? none.  I’m playing a Gnome because TPTB have declared that Gnomes no longer exist and I’ve always been one to march to beat of different drummer.  I conciously do not wear clothers that are in style.  I’ll go watch movies that the critics panned.  That’s the way I roll.

Why is Nevets a Fighter/Cleric?  Honestly, my inspriation for the character sprang full blown from the American West.  The pistol packing preacher, a man whole preach to you the good news but by ready to defend himself with leathal force.  Nevets is Lawful/Good to reflect this aspect of the personality.  I’ve only played him for the one gaming session.  The GM determined that he had been in the previous party sent out on the Quest currently beig undertaken by the PCs.  They found poor Nevets healing himself at one of the traps which had completely vaporized his party, nevets being the sole survivor.

One minor note after watching his party get vaprized by the trap and the party that the PCs nearly do the same, Nevets had developed a minor phobia of doors.  That was LOT of fun to play.  I made the off-hand comment out of chracter and the GM made it permanent.

I learned a lot from Gaming with my daughter and her friends instead of my usual Mastering of the game for her and her siblings and friends.  I’m hoping that Nevets will stick around for awhile.


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