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Vulcan Stev’s LCARS database DVD review… Bangkok Dangerous

Originally posted at the Dire Cafe January 15, 2009OneSheet (Page 1)

Nicolas Cage … Joe
Shahkrit Yamnarm … Kong
Charlie Yeung … Fon (as Charlie Young)
Panward Hemmanee … Aom
Nirattisai Kaljaruek … Surat
Dom Hetrakul … Aran

Synopsis from IMDb: A professional hit man, with four rules goes on his last assignment. In Bangkok, he breaks one of his rules and bonds with the street kid named Kong he hires to help him. He further violates this rule when he meets a local girl who is deaf and spends time with her. The rules fall like dominoes on his very last assignment.

Reviewers VS, Mrs. VS, PIT #1

VS: .75 pointed ears

Dark, moody, very stylistic. I wish I could say that this is cinematic tour-de-force worthy of your hard earned dollars. Unfortunately I can’t. Nicolas Cage plays Joe, a hitman, with only four rules. During the course of the movie he violates all of these, resulting in dire consequences.

The idea of an amoral man living by his own rules has been done before (and better by Jason Statham in “The Transporter”). The plot follows standard Hollywood fare by having the hitman discovery his humanity on his last job. However, we are given absolutely no reason for the protaganist to violate his own code of ethics. He befriends his errand boy and begins to date a deaf pharmacist for no discernable reason.

It’s one thing if “the rules” provide an internal source of conflict. Quite another if there is a good reason for the protaganist to violate the rules. This movie provides neither. Joe successfully completes an assignment while narating his code of ethics. He takes one last mega job in Bangkok and then without any good reason begins to violate his own rules.

The jacket for this DVD advertises an action-packed thriller. Is it a beautifully shot movie set in Bangkok? yes. Action packed? not by any definition of action or packed that I’ve ever read.

Mrs. VS: .5 pointed ears.
This movie had lots of gratuitous violence. The dismemberment of someone’s arm was very disgusting.

PIT #1: .75 pointed ears.
Difficult to follow. I couldn’t understand why Joe would violate his own rules. I kept waiting for the promised action

*note* PITs 2&3 did not bother to finish watching this movie.  PIT#2 was playing on the computer and poked his head in occasionally.  PIT#3 left after 15 minutes of the movie.

2 pointed ears out of 10

Rentable, but don’t waste your money on this one unless you’re a true Nicolas Cage fan.

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