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Car Wars: Iowa 2000-2059

2000 Ethanol production expands. Iowa’s economy gets a
Second Civil War, Free Oil State Secession

2004 Texarkana Accords

2012 The Grain Blight hits Iowa hard. Though soybeans are still a common crop, the “tall corn state” is no more. All sections of the economy linked to corn-production take a severe hit. Many family farms go under. The Iowa population, dropping steadily for over fifty years, dives to 40% of the 2000 population. Most small towns disappear. All major universities have a large anti-Blight research section.

2014 The Amana Society decides to take a more active role in the state government, since their population comprises five percent of all Iowans. Six Amanas are elected to the state legislature that same year, campaigning with a platform of “Rebuilding Iowa.”

2015 Amana policies are wildly successful in regaining lost population. A few small towns are reincorporated. More Amana candidates are set to run in 2016.

2016 The Food Riots. Riverfest ’16 in Iowa City erupts in a civil disturbance. The Iowa National Guard is called in to help, but arrives too late to prevent the complete destruction of the old Capitol Building on the University of Iowa campus.

In Ames where Viesha is currently underway, the violence escalates to the point of including the local citizenry, hundreds are killed or hurt. Ames is leveled, but the campus of ISU is preserved.

In Cedar Falls on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa, the board of regents begins the fortification of the campus. By the end of the year all three campuses are heavily fortified. Since the cities themselves are unfortified, Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Ames and Iowa City (locations of UNI, ISU, U of I) become havens for gangs to prey upon family farms. Isu, Uni, & Fort Iowa are the fortress cities eventually built out of Ames, Cedar Falls, and Iowa City.

2017 Waterloo becomes a war zone as many gangs base out of the East side.

Grain companies take over the many abandoned small farms. Weapons are
installed on tractors to defend against gang attacks.

Independent farms begin arming tractors as well, though they do not have the same resources to draw on. Independent farms band together in defensive co-operatives.

The cities of Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, & Dubuque fortify themselves against gang activity. Hearing of the desolation in Ames and Iowa City and seeing firsthand the desolation of Waterloo, citizens of Cedar Falls beg the University of Northern Iowa to expand the fortifications to include the remainder of the city. Uni, Iowa becomes a fortified city.

Seeing the success of Uni, the remaining citizens of Ames petition ISU for similar treatment, Isu is incorporated. Fort Iowa forms shortly thereafter.

Upset with the Amanites heavy handed policies, Davenport and Bettendorf along with Moline and Rock Island, Illinois fortify themselves and band together as The Quad, declaring themselves separate from Iowa and Illinois. I280 becomes a toll road patrolled by the Quad’s Militia.

2020 Des Moines is the only population center larger than the Amana Colonies. Amana legislators dominate the Iowa Senate and the House. First accusations of misrepresentation are voiced. First Amana governor elected.

2021 The ruins of Waterloo are largely abandoned and are taken over by two of the three largest gangs in the state.
2035 Car Wars

2024 Anti-duelling laws passed. This reduces highway violence, but does not prevent it completely.

Enforcement of the ban is overseen by the Iowa Department of Inbound and Outbound Transportation (I.D.I.O.T.).

2029 Iowa borders closed. Because of the reduced traffic through the state, most of Iowa suffers economically. Many people move to Minnesota and other bordering states.

2030 Minnesota threatens legal action, citing hindrance of interstate trade.

2031 The Supreme Court rules in favor of Minnesota, forcing Iowa to open its borders. The Iowa Congress responds with a complex system of disarming vehicles at the border. Gangs flourish in the interior of the state, away from the heavy concentration of Highway Patrol near the major population centers. Incidents of road violence increase unexpectedly. Patrolling of the border is done by the Iowa National Guard.

2032 ISU sociology professor Sampson Pennel offers a class on what he calls the “Tyranny of the Peaceful,” saying the Amana Society is responsible for all of the troubles in Iowa in the last fifteen years. Pennel disappears after four lectures and the class is cancelled. Soon after, the University Book Store mysteriously recalls all of the textbooks for the class, citing poison ink used in some of the books.

Statewide, local sheriffs report being overwhelmed by roving gangs everywhere in the state, along with some illegal autodueling. The legislature ignores the requests for funding, denying that such violence could be possible in a pacified area.

2036 The gang problem is now out of control. Finally coming to their senses, the legislature realizes they don’t have the funds to reinforce the Highway Patrol.

IDIOT’s head George Robert Farley wants to legalize Autodueling within the state and begins campaigns.

2037 Pro-dueling candidates begin running for office.

2038 Unable to gain control of Iowa Legislature after the elections due to Amanite tampering of the ballots, IDIOT decides to “remove” the Amanites from power.

IDIOT stages a coup. IDIOT’s forces nuke the Amana colonies and attack the state capitol building. Most of the senators are killed. Since the Iowa National Guard is busy patrolling the state’s borders the coup is briefly successful. Very few Amanites survive.

The Iowa National Guard pulls back from border patrol and counter attacks the new dictatorship.

IDIOT’s leader is captured and summarily executed.

Iowa holds emergency elections to replace the decimated legislature. Iowa National Guard now secures the capitol.

Pro-dueling candidates are overwhelmingly elected.

Ban on autodueling as a sport is lifted. Vehicular weaponry is now legal but regulated. Autodueling on Iowa’s roadways is still illegal. Iowa National Guard patrols the major highways (I-80 I-35 I-380 US218 US30 US20) and will prosecute any duelists they encounter (1 in 4 chance of running across Iowa National Guard).

State Agency in charge of Autodueling is DRIVE (Dueling Regulators Iowa Vehicular Enforcement). In accordance with old state laws gambling on dueling is allowed.

2040 Eager to garner Autodueling and gambling money, Iowans convert old racetracks and stadiums to dueling arenas.

2051 Iowa Duelway in Newton, The Dome Autoduel Arena in Uni, Knoxville Dirt
Dueling and the track at the Iowa Fairgrounds join the L’Outrance Dueling Circuit. There are many local dirt tracks and Figure-8 dueling is very popular in the state.

2058 – Universities having some success in creating non-blight affected grain. Unfortunately this new grain tastes terrible and is unusable for distillation into fuel.

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