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Long Day at Work

January has been both a good month and a bad month at Little Dutch Can.  I’ve been backlogged due to the amount ofLDC-logo time I’ve spent away from work caring for Mrs. VS.  This is not a complaint, just stating a fact.  Today, Mom and started counting and sorting just after 9:00am.  I had gotten to the redemption center just after 8 to get the stove lit.  We counted and sorted and waited on trucks.

I was unable to make my bar run yesterday because my can van wouldn’t start due to cold weather.  I postponed everything to today.  The Coke truck and Dr. Pepper truck usually arrive around 12:00.  I planned on leaving at about 1:00 to make my bar run.  At 1:00 neither of the trucks had been there.  Called the drivers, my Dr. Pepper driver had the day off and a sub was running his route.  Couldn’t get ahold of my Coke driver.

I didn’t have anything prepared for tonights service.  The time was running late.  Pastor called, my co-leader had been co-opted by her youth group into being a chaperone for a school function.  Nothing prepared, short my teenage helpers and down one co-leader.  We decided to change Wednesday evening service into an open house on Friday for the youth center.  One less worry on my day.  However I still needed my trucks to show up so I could leave on the bar run.

1:30, Dr. Pepper shows up.  The substitute driver parks his rig 6in. from my can van and trailer on an icy driveway.  We get him loaded out and he leaves, right into my trailer.  There wasn’t a lot of damage, but the driver left without seeing if there was any damage.  I called the Dr. Pepper office and after playing chase the proper person with DP’s automated answering system, I was told the driver would come back so we could verify what damage occured.  OK I need to wait for the DP driver yet again.

Finally got ahold of Coke.  My Coke driver sprained his ankle early during his run and went home.  No one bothered to call me and tell me. *sigh* I could’vemade the bar run and been back before DP came back.

3:30 I’m done with a large mountain of glass, aluminum, and plastic.  My van is running and I’m waiting on DP.  He finally shows up.  Verify that yes he did indeed hit my trailer as pieces of my trailer are still embedded in his.  Head out 3:45 for the bar run.

6:00 done with the bar run.  Home. 10 hour day in sub freezing temps outside.  Thankful that the stove kept the interior at 45

Tomorrow the temps are supposed to be well above freezing.  Should get through even more backlog.

How was your day?

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Vulcan Stev’s LCARS database DVD review…. Daredevil

Originally posted at the Dire Cafe January 18, 2009daredevil_ver2

Ben Affleck … Matt Murdock / Daredevil
Jennifer Garner … Elektra Natchios
Colin Farrell … Bullseye
Michael Clarke Duncan … Wilson Fisk / The Kingpin
Jon Favreau … Franklin ‘Foggy’ Nelson

Synopsis from IMDb: Blinded by toxic waster when he was a young boy, Matt Murdock (Affleck) has gained enhancements in the remaining senses. With his father murdered, he sees this as a perfect opportunity to fight crime and help the New York City. He becomes Daredevil, and every night risks life to stop those escaping prison. One person who is still free is the biggest crime lord in New York, the Kingpin (Duncan). Whilst working as a lawyer, Matt becomes the masked hero to track down the Kingpin before anyone else he loves is taken out.

Reviewers VS, Mrs. VS, PITs 1,2, & 3

VS 1.75 pointed ears
My only complaint with this movie was the changes made by the studio. Ben Urich works for the Daily Bugle, not the New York Post. The costumes are different. The Kingpin is not black. I can forgive the last one as Micheal Clarke Duncan played the Kingpin to perfection.

The other cheif complaint I had is that 20th Century Fox never made a sequel. The whole storyline in the comics of Matt Murdock being outed as Daredevil and every crook he put behind bars is released would’ve been a wonderfully fresh take on the superhero movie.

The special features offer some wonderful insight into the Daredevil universe.

Mrs. VS .5 pointed ears.
This is typical hubby movie. The scene where Elektra gets killed is gonna give me nightmares.

PIT #1 2 pointed ears
I’ve never read a Daredevil comic book. But it rocks. Elektra would’ve been a MUCH better movie if they’d kept the Daredevil cameo. I loved the mustard/coffee scene.

PIT #2 2 pointed ears
This a good superhero movie. It did a good job of introducing the character. Elektra did NOT count as a sequel to this movie. 20th Century Fox really needs to make a sequel or turn the motion picture rights back over to Marvel

PIT #3 1.95 pointed ears
They didn’t need the kissing/sex scene. I want a collapsible billy club/nunchuk/walking stick.

8.2 pointed ears out of 10. We do not own the Special Director’s edition. If you have a chance to see the Special Director’s edition I’d recommend it. According to the deleted scenes and director’s commentary there was a lot of good stuff cut out to make the time constraints laid out by the studio.


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