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Vulcan Stev’s DVD review… Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Johnny Depp …  Jack Sparrow
Geoffrey Rush …  Barbossa
Orlando Bloom …  Will Turner
Keira Knightley …  Elizabeth Swann
Jack Davenport …  Norrington
Jonathan Pryce …  Governor Weatherby Swann

Synopsis from IMDb: This swash-buckling tale follows the quest of Captain Jack Sparrow, a savvy pirate, and Will Turner, a resourceful blacksmith, as they search for Elizabeth Swann. Elizabeth, the daughter of the governor and the love of Will’s life, has been kidnapped by the feared Captain Barbossa. Little do they know, but the fierce and clever Barbossa has been cursed. He, along with his large crew, are under an ancient curse, doomed for eternity to neither live, nor die. That is, unless a blood sacrifice is made.

Reviewers; VS, Mrs. VS, PIT #1, PIT#2, PIT#3

VS – 1.9 pointed ears
Considering that this movie is based off a popular Disney ride, Jerry Bruckheimer pulled it off.  Gore Verbinski did a marvelous job of directing considering all the SFX.  The cast was inspired.  This motion picture is in the grand tradition of Hollywood swashbuckling classics.  If I was reviewing this after having seen it in the theaters, it would’ve garnered a full two ears.  Only after repeated viewings have I begun to notice things that no longer make sense.  At the beginning when the Pirates attack Port Royale before we know that the pirates are indeed cursed, Will ‘kills’ one with an axe.  The cursed pirates supposedly cannot feel anything yet Pintel and Ragetti yowl in pain when doused with hot coals.  Barbossa claims to feel the warmth from Elizabeth’s dress.  The entire crew react with shock when Elizabeth feigns dropping the gold piece overboard, despite the fact that being cursed they suffer no effects of being underwater.

The Sixth Sense did a much better job of hiding the plot twist and did so in such a way that the second and subsequent viewings that movie did not contradict itself.  Mind you PotC:TCotBP merits multiple viewings and is a very watchable movie.  My only complaint are the minor internal discrepancies.

Mrs VS – 1.5 pointed ears
Not a bad movie.  I wouldn’t watch this on my own.  The pirate skeletons are a little disgusting.

PIT #1  – 2 pointed ears
Elizabeth is the kind of girl I want to be, she kicks butt and isn’t a ‘girly’ girl by any definition of the word.

PIT #2 – 2 pointed ears
Good piratey action.  Dad has purchased some ‘classic’ pirate movies.  This takes the cliches and turns them for a modern audience.

PIT #3 – 2 pointed ears
Pirates rock.  I really love pirates.  Daddy can I give it more than two pointed ears?  Did I mention that Pirates rule?  Daddy likes Star Trek, I like Pirates more.

9.4 pointed ears out of 10

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  1. You want internal inconsistencies? How about the fact that ‘Bootstrap” Bill Turner is still alive at the bottom of the sea, so when Will ‘ends’ the curse by spilling his own blood?

    Yeah, I know he was ‘rescued’ by Davey Jones in the second film, but you didn’t know it in the first; that really bothered me that Will knowingly consigned his father to death by drowning.

    Comment by Hank Harwell | February 3, 2009

  2. My monthly Mark of the Movie posts will be covering a collection of old pirate movies for most of 2009. I suspect most of them are on

    Wait and see! 😉

    “more than 2 ears…” Awesome! 😀

    Comment by Dr. Checkmate | February 3, 2009

  3. PiT 1 might want to reserve her judgment on Elizabeth until she sees all three.

    I still love this whole concept. A family reviews movies. Genius.

    Comment by Dr. Checkmate | February 3, 2009

  4. The PITs wanted to review the series in its entirety. I told them that we needed to weigh each film on the merits originally intended. So in this movie Elizabeth, kicks butt.

    I’ll pass along the kudos to the family.

    Comment by Vulcan Stev | February 3, 2009

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