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I’m worried….

rib4Mrs. VS is VERY concerned about the upcoming chemo treatment.  She is afraid that the treatment will kill her.  She has been reading books, listening to other survivors and googling about the horrors, pain, and systemic problems that chemo will cause.

One person at she met at the cancer survivor club who happens to work for the same place she does told her that chemo could knock her off her feet for four days, not just the two days that the doctor is telling her.  Mrs. VS has never believed she has as strong a constitution that she actually does.  I could see the fear in her eyes as she confessed this morning that she’s afraid that chemo will kill her.

My telling her that I love her and will be there for didn’t seem to help.  My encouragement that if I were in her position, I’d take the chemo didn’t seem to help.  I don’t know what to do, my wife is listening to her own fears and non-professional advice.


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  1. I’ve never known anyone on chemo who didn’t meet or exceed Doctor’s expectations. And, sadly, I’ve known a few. That sounds weird, but I think you know what I mean. It’s sad that I’ve known anyone on chemo, but that said…

    In fact, if you lived around here, I would direct you to our local Hannaford’s market to talk to their office manager. She worked at least part time during her chemo.

    Women are tougher than guys. She’s got you and the PITs. She’s holding a hand with four aces.

    Comment by Dr. Checkmate | January 27, 2009

  2. What Stefan said. In addition, she gave birth to three healthy kids. No small feat, that.

    Also, she needs to sit down with the Doc and have a frank conversations about what she’s read and heard, and about what he expects. After all, the doctor probably knows her physical constitution best (after you, of course).

    She is on my prayer list, still, and will continue to be so, as are you and the PiT’s.

    Comment by Hank Harwell | January 27, 2009

  3. You, your wife and your kids are always in my prayers. She’s very strong, and you and your children will lend her any additional strength she needs to see this through. I have no doubts.

    Comment by Berin Kinsman | January 27, 2009

  4. Chemo is very difficult–it’s poison, essentially. The idea is that the rest of the body can survive levels of poison that the cancer cannot. An oncologist I once worked with mentioned to me that he intentionally gives patients an underestimation of what their recovery will be like. This way the patient’s outlook-and thus general health–improves because they are “beating the odds” and outperforming the doctors’ expectations. So, if the doctor is telling her that she’ll be off her feet for two days, that means he or she has very high hopes for Ms VS.

    From what you’ve told us, you two have three really great kids. I believe that they’ll handle this remarkably well also.

    Comment by Golgotha Kinslayer | January 28, 2009

  5. Hey – for what it’s worth – I have a friend that I work with who is taking Chemo. He has not missed a day of work and the only side effects have been a little diarrhea and being a little more tired than usual. The doctor gave him a med for the diarrhea and he has been great. Tell your wife that many of the horror stories are just designed to scare you.

    Comment by Big Daddy | January 31, 2009

  6. Thank you; D.C., Hank, Berin, G.K., B.D.

    Everyone, your comments, concerns, and prayers are appreciated.

    Comment by Vulcan Stev | February 1, 2009

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