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Vulcan Stev’s Month Late Movie Review… Meet the Reviewers

Vulcan Stev, age: 40-something. Likes action-adventure, SF, and comedy. Hasn’t found a movie yet that he’ll walk out of after paying for admission.

Mrs Vulcan-Stev, age 40-something. Doesn’t like movies per se` Will go along with the family for some flicks. If she gives it a poistive review that’s saying something about the likability of the movie.

Paladin-In-Training (P.I.T.) #1, age 17 (F). Likes: SF, anime, romance. She’s the girl I wish I could’ve dated in high school (no funny jokes here). Her tastes in movies are remarkably similar to mine. She is a chip off the old block.

P.I.T. #2, age 14 (M) Likes: Action-Adventure, comedy, and some SF. He’s not as into SF as his older sister but I haven’t found a movie yet that he wouldn’t watch.

P.I.T. #3 age 10 (M) Likes movies. will watch anything and eveything. He rates his movies on the number of stunts and things that blow up. Kissing (or other related “icky” stuff) always degrade his rating of the movie.

Reviews will given in this format/person 2 ears – loved it, 1 ear – meh, 0 ears – don’t bother. I will state how many reviewers went along.


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