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Today was not a good day

Mrs. Vulcan Stev (she prefers to have the pseudonym used) is currently suffering from breast cancer.  She disrib4covered a small pimple sized lump at Thanksgiving.  By Christmas the lump was visibly noticeable from three feet away.  Over Christmas vacation she underwent a complete mastectomy of the left breast.

We’ve been to the Breast Cancer clinic four times, visited the Oncologist twice, had MRIs, and PET scans.  She’s been poked and prodded and not sure of her future.  According to the Oncologist with chemo and hormone treatment she has a better than 70% chance of surviving 10+ years.

I’ll be chronicling her (and my) struggles (and good days) here.  Cancer doesn’t just affect the victim it affects the whole family.

Today she has felt very depressed.  She’s looking around the house at all the things she could be doing (folding laundry, etc.) and feeling very depressed about it.  The children haven’t quite figured out that Mommy hasn’t quite recovered from the surgery she had two weeks ago.  I’m trying to do what I can, but running two businesses takes time.

I have moved the one business home and have been shutting down the other when she needs me.

Tomorrow we have an appointment to get the results of the MRI and PET scans.  I generally update at Twitter on the go.  I’ll be updating here as I can.


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